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Always there.

At Lady Helper we know that our elders are happy at home and prefer to continue to live in it rather going to a nursing home. However, today’s hectic life makes it almost impossible for us to give them all the care and attention they deserve and need.

That is why, at Lady Helper we have extraordinary professionals with proven training  and experience in elderly care in Alicante, Murcia and  Valencia or in fields such as nursing, nursing assistants or geriatrics, who will provide the personalised attention that our elders need.

Cuidado ancianos Alicante, Valencia y Murcia

The professionals dedicated to the care of elderly people in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia that we have at Lady Helper can be live-in, external or per hours. The functions of these professionals, in addition to those of the home, are:

  • Elderly health care.
  • Accompanying the elderly person so that they feel accompanied, protected and cared for.
  • Accompanying the elderly person, whether dependent or not.
  • Shopping and preparing diets adapted to the needs of the elderly person, accompanying them at mealtimes and helping them to eat, if necessary.
  • Monitoring medication control.
  • Caring for the elderly if they are ill and accompanying them to hospital if they are hospitalised.
  • Cleaning and supervision of the elderly.

Whether they are dependent or not, helping to improve their quality of life and that you enjoy the peace of mind and confidence of knowing that your elders are in the best possible hands.

Frequently asked questions about the caregiver for the elderly.

It depends on the condition of the elderly person. Depending on the needs of the elderly person, we will suggest the profile that best suits them.

Some families look for professionals with experience in caring for the elders, others look for professionals with specific qualifications because of the circumstances in which the elderly person is.

The professional may have a full-time contract in the form of a live-in or external caregiver, depending on the needs of the elderly person.

Part-time or per-hour contracts are also possible.

It will depend on the type of professional hired. If the professional has a higher qualification in health or geriatrics, the salary may be higher than the minimum wage.

However, any full-time professional must receive at least the minimum interprofessional wage (€1.000 gross/month in 14 payments).

If the caregiver is live-in caregiver, it must have a 2-hour break during the main meals of the day and a minimum of 36 consecutive hours per week, being Saturday or Sunday a full day.

If the caregiver is an external caregiver, it must have 12 hours break between days.

The carer is also entitled to 12 public holidays per year and 2 local holidays.  You can reach agreements with the worker to exchange these holidays for other days off or for financial compensation.

30 calendar days. The holiday periods can be agreed between the parties, but if you do not reach an agreement, 15 days will be decided by you and the rest by the employee. However, we advise you to try to reach an agreement with the professional, because it helps to have a better relationship with them.

At Lady Helper we can carry out a selection process to cover the caregiver’s holidays. We advise you to let us know as soon as you are aware of the days that the professional will be on holiday, so that we can find a professional with similar characteristics.

Because we will offer you professionals in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia with the experience and/or qualifications that you need for the elderly person, with the honesty, seriousness and trust that distinguishes us.

To do this, we always check previous references by talking to their previous employers to know in detail the tasks that the caregiver performed, their personality, capacity for resolution, the way they treat the elderly person and the family, the care knowledge they possess and the degree of satisfaction they had.

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