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We care about you.

At Lady Helper we know first-hand and from our own experience how complicated it is to select household staff adapted to the specific needs of each person or family. Therefore, we put the utmost care and attention into the process, as if it was for our own family.

For this reason, our selection processes are always carried out on the basis of three fundamental premises: honesty, seriousness and trust. We are aware that our clients’ families and households are the most important thing.

Our selection processes are totally personalised, and we will always be available to provide the help you need. Our selection process’ aim is to offer the best option for each of our clients, and consists of the following steps:

The process begins with an initial interview where you tell us your needs, concerns, the type of professional you are looking for, the requirements that the domestic worker must meet, as well as any other details that will help us to search and select the most suitable candidates for the profile you want.

Once we have clearly defined the profile of the ideal candidate for each client, we cross-reference it with our powerful and constantly updated database and, if necessary, we initiate an open selection process.

Once we have selected the potential candidates who, based on our experience and after analysing the profile defined by the client, are best suited to the job offered, we carry out the following proceedings:

  • Personal interview where we evaluate the profile of the candidates.
  • Thorough verification of previous references and contracts with previous employers.
  • Assessment of the candidate’s skills in household organisation, cleaning, ironing, laundry, cooking, table service, use of household appliances and other skills.
  • Assessment, where appropriate, of the candidate’s aptitude for caring for our youngest children and of our dependent or non-dependent elders.

Once the third phase of the selection process has been completed, you will receive an e-mail with the profiles that best suits your needs, so that we can begin a process of evaluation and interviews with you, which will end with the selection of the candidate that you consider to be the best. However, if none of the candidates meets your expectations, we will start a new selection process.

Lady Helper strictly complies with the regulations on the protection of personal data. We always require the express written authorisation of the candidates before offering their personal data and photographs to our clients.

Once the candidate has been selected, we recommend establishing a trial period of one or two weeks between the parties, so that you can finish assessing whether if she fits in perfectly with your family and household. This is a period of adaptation for both parties; once this period is over, if both parties agree, the contracting of the housekeeper will be formalised.

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