External housekeepers in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia

Home professionals.

External housekeepers are employees who perform domestic tasks in the household, but do not stay in it.

Their working hours may be full, part-time or per hors.

The tasks they perform are usually:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the house rooms.
  • Washing, drying and ironing clothing and other house textiles.
  • Tasks related to kitchen tasks, such as shopping, preparation of weekly menus.
  • Care of babies, children or elderly people which are part of the household.

External housekeepers usually have a fixed or agreed working hour schedule before the start of the working relationship that adjusts to your family or personal needs.  This type of employee will allow you to have your home in optimal conditions without losing intimacy, as they do not stay in it.

From Lady Helper we will advise you, support you and give you all the necessary tools so that you can find an external housekeeper in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia that is highly qualified and adapts to your needs.

However, it should be borne in mind that external house keepers have the following right to:

  • Registration in the National Health Service.
  • Employment contract.
  • A salary in accordance with the developed tasks and the working hours.
  • 30 calendar days of holidays.
  • 12 hours rest between working days.
  • Corresponding breaks for the main meals.
  • A minimum of 36 hours of rest per week.

Within this category of professionals are also included qualified staff for kitchen tasks, gardening, ironing or drivers which can be hired, according to your needs, on a full-time, part-time or per hours.

Frequently asked questions about external housekeepers.

The external housekeeper must be registered with National Health Care Service before she starts working in your home.

Yes, you must register the external housekeeper with the National Health Service for the hours she works in your home.

The working hours of the employee will depend on your needs. It can range from a full 40-hour working week, a part-time working week or just 1 hour per week.

You must sign a part-time contract stating the effective working hours that the housekeeper will be working. The days of the week and the hours which the employee will work must be established.

The salary of a full-time external housekeeper (40 hours per week) should be equal to, or over, than the minimum interprofessional salary, which is €14.000 gross per year. If the employee works less than 120 days a year in your household, the wage is calculated on an hourly basis. The minimum hourly rate is €7.55 gross per worked hour.

If the employed housekeeper is full-time or part-time, she is entitled to 30 calendar days’ holiday.

If the housekeeper is employed on an hourly basis, she is entitled to holidays, but these have already been paid at €7.55 gross per hour.

The external housekeeper must rest for at least 12 consecutive hours between one working day and the next.

Because we have a database of housekeepers in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia that allows us to offer you a professional that adapts to your needs with all the trust, security and honesty possible. This way, you will not have to go through unnecessary interviews, check references of the candidates and worry about knowing who the right candidate for your household is.

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