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At Lady Helper we know how important it is taking care of our household, that is why we are aware of the responsibility of hiring a live-in housekeeper, as she will be in charge of taking care of our home and keeping it in perfect condition, as well as staying in it. With the aim of achieving a pleasant coexistence for both sides, we offer you the live-in housekeepers in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia that best fit your needs.

It is advisable to agree with the employee the tasks she will be carrying out in your home before the working relationship starts. These tasks are usually:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of the house rooms.
  • Washing, drying, and ironing clothing and other house textiles.
  • Tasks related to kitchen tasks, such as shopping, preparing, and cooking weekly menus.
  • Baby, children, or elderly care that are part of the household.

However, we recommend, as far as possible, that when there are three or more children to look after or there are two or more children under the age of three and neither of the parents can be at home for most of the day, that you opt for reinforcing the care of your children with a qualified professional in this type of care.

By hiring a qualified housekeeper, you can benefit from having domestic support in emergency situations, nights out, trips or journeys that are not suitable for children or elderly people living at home, in addition to always having your home in perfectly organized and cleaned.

Therefore, at Lady Helper we believe that it is important that you bear in mind that live-in housekeepers are employed workers who have labour rights.

It is essential that:

  • They are registered in the National Health Service.
  • Have an employment contract.
  • Their working hours are 40 hours a week of effective work. In addition to these hours, 20 hours can be agreed to stay at home, but without doing any kind of work.
  • Their working hours are to be respected. They cannot work all day long.
  • They have a two-hour break for the main meals.
  • Enjoy at least of 36 hours off per week, which allows them to have free Saturday or Sunday. Although from Lady Helper we advise that their weekly rest should be 48 continuous hours (For example: Saturday and Sunday off or Sunday and Monday off), as they carry out a profession with an important workload. Therefore, their rest is essential for a good development of their tasks and to guarantee their continuity.
  • They receive two extra payments.
  • They have 30 calendar days’ holiday.
  • Holidays are respected or, if their services are necessary, that a compensation is agreed between the parties, such as the enjoyment of another day off.
  • They have the right to receive accommodation and food.

For all these reasons, at Lady Helper we will analyse, evaluate, and guide you in the working conditions and salaries offered to these professionals with the aim of giving you the best live-in housekeeper in Alicante, Murcia and Valencia on the market and, as far as possible, guarantee their continuity in your home. Given that nowadays we are faced with a great volatility of these professionals and difficulty in hiring them due to exhausting working hours, low salaries and the lack of enjoyment of their days off or holidays on the part of the worker.

Frequently asked questions about live-in housekeepers.

The employee must be registered from the first day of work in your home.

The registration must be done a few days in advance.

In 2022, the minimum wage for a housekeeper is of €1.000 in 14 payments.

No. The bonus payments are a right of the live-in housekeepers, but only if that the annual salary is equal to or higher than the minimum interprofessional salary (€965 in 14 payments). It’s possible to agree with the employee to receive this amount in 12 or 13 payments.

The working week of a live-in housekeeper is of 40 hours per week. This corresponds to the actual working hours.

The actual working hours correspond to the working day in which the live-in housekeeper performs the tasks of her job. The presence hours are the ones in which the employee remains at home, but without carrying out any type of work.

A maximum of 20 hours of presence per week can be agreed.

The housekeeper must have at least 36 hours of uninterrupted rest per week, allowing her to have the whole of Saturday or Sunday off.

She should have a two-hour break at main meals each day.

She is entitled to 30 calendar days or 22 working days.

Yes, as long as the monetary salary is equal to or higher than the minimum wage, the special salary (accommodation and food) does not exceed 30% of the total salary and it has been agreed with the employee.

Because we have a database of experienced housekeepers with proven references, which allow us to offer you the guarantee of selecting the live-in housekeeper that best adapts to your needs, based on honesty, seriousness and trust. We will accompany you throughout the whole process until the chosen person is already in your home.

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